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Originally Posted by Jim D. View Post
It looks like some of the chrome is worn off.

Polishing usually does not help remove pitting, but it can help make it less obvious, but only use a proper chrome polish and nothing more aggressive.

I'd like to see them in person before you do anything else to them... I will try to get out to the Corona Cars & Coffee on the 23rd if you think you can make it. Text me at 714-580-3572 about meeting up.
Jim, appreciate that. I "think" I can make it to the Corona C&C on the 23rd... I spent the first weekend I had her working on getting rid of all the oxidation, etc... She's still really rough around the edges, so don't laugh at her when you see it. I always appreciate any help I can get. I know I still have a lot of work to do with the paint. Was hoping to have this car back to prime by Septembers Saleen Open House & Car Show. Its going to be a struggle...
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