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Default 25mm Hubcentric Spacer Won't Clear Front Hub

Anyone know of a 25 mm hub centric wheel spacer for front 87 Saleen. All the ones for 94-14 that say should fit- do not (HRE Trak plus, American muscle generic billet ones). I was directed to Maximum Motorsports, but in the descriptions- it states specifically does not fit SVO/Lincoln fronts.

The center hub won't allow the spacer to sit flush against the rotor face/hub. [I have stock Brembo Lincoln/SVO replacement- not sure that could be the reason?]

I found some generic T6 ones on Ebay for Lincoln Mark VII and it seems that the hub opening is just a tad bigger, but since I wanted to see if there were any known options. ( (70.3mm)

( (70.5mm)

Mahalo in advance.
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