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Originally Posted by calbear View Post
wise words- but unfortunately, don't have a local source that I know of that stocks these items.
When I said that a few months back, I was suggesting to fit the wheels and see what you need for spacers.
I was under the impression you were asking about spacer size.

As for the rear sides being different, that has nothing to do with saleen.
Foxbody mustangs weren't exactly precision built.
Quite a bit tolerance differences.
I'd say no two are 100% identical.
Then you have wear and tear, rubber bushing, torque boxes.
All these things could cause the rear to sit off to one side.
Only way to solve it is to use really good lower control arms (like from Maximum motorsports) and a panhard bar.
These rears can move under load as far as something like 2 inches each way.
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