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This is excellent info! Thank you so much for the breakdown on this car. Being 1 of 5 is quite rare so that is great to know. Also, knowing that it originally came from a local Ford dealership to me is also great history. Much appreciated!

Originally Posted by Saleen Forums Admin View Post
Our estimate is 14 Deep Violet S281 Saleen Mustangs were produced for the 1997 model year. Of those, 6 were convertibles. Of those, 5 featured the 5-speed manual transmission.

Each of the five 1997 S281 convertibles painted Violet, with black interior and 5-speed transmission were ordered by Fremont Ford. Fremont Ford ordered each Violet convertible with... Chrome Wheels, 3.55:1 gears and Speedster package. So, your S281 is one of 5 ordered exactly the same as 4 others by one Saleen Dealer.

The 1997 Violet Fremont Ford S281 Speedsters are:
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