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Originally Posted by Metalcop View Post
All due respect, I think jcar302 is a little low on his valuation. Assuming that your truck is highly optioned, with big brakes, chrome wheels, Rockford Fosgate, hard tonneau etc. Mileage is the big factor here. Low mileage= more value. I think you are looking at $25K -$29K, dependent on these variables. I have seen a few go for low 20's, but they were ragged out daily drivers, with high mileage and missing desireable options.
There is always a chance i'm off, but I still get them all emailed to me, so I see them from the saleen forums when I visit, ebay and best of all autotrader and sometimes cargurus.

I think the hardcore guys really need every option, but most would be good with the brakes and SC. Most people wouldn't turn one down because it was missing a minor option.
Only a few have I seen really seemed mistreated.

If the showroom perfect maroon one with 6000 miles sold for 28k or less, which if I remember correctly was the BIN and the bidding went to 26k, I've got to assume that is the ceiling, other than the special yellow 08 or the gulf blue.

I haven't even seen one with an asking price as high as 29 grand in a long time, other than the silver one that has been for sale for 2 years with 50,000 miles.

The one on autotrader now is $21,900, been for sale for at least 6 months, possibly more and is similar in options to his with 20,000 more miles. Can't speak of the condition but looks pretty nice and is at a dealer that carries higher end cars and trucks.

There is always the right buyer at the right time to buck a trend, but sometimes waiting for that is plain old more expensive.
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