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Originally Posted by EightySixU2 View Post
It is a white label.
The "Saleen tune" for these vehicles is a "Premium Fuel" calibration that also considers the free-flow mufflers and washable air filter element installed on these White Label models. The tune is warranty safe.

FYI: This era of Saleen Mustang can have a variety of rear gear ratios. Sometimes the chassis can have 3.55:1 or 3.73:1 gears as a factory Ford option... other times 3.55:1 or 3.73:1 gears as a Saleen installed option... or standard gears if so ordered.

I mention the final drive gear ratio because if you have a 3.15:1 car; a gear swap will improve performance feeling.

The 2011-14 S302 White Label is a lightly modified vehicle from Saleen. Any of the popular upgrades to 2011-14 Mustang GTs can apply to your S302. Saleen produces vehicles that can be warrantied and offers a range of "signature vehicles" at attractive price points.

For 2013-14 the chrome "Saleen" 20x9" wheels were standard on the White Label and Yellow Label models. These wheels wore tire sizes 275/35-20 (front) and 275/40-20 rear. Tires can be supplied by either Pirelli (P-Zero) or Cooper (RS-3) depending on supply and build date of vehicle.

The wheels were made by "Boss" and the model was "328." Saleen used a spacer behind these wheels to push them outwards in the wheel wells.
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