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My gauges read correctly but for some reason the lighting on the gauges is intermittent at times, mainly on the water temp. Its not a big deal but was wondering in case I wanted to remove the gauges to fix or possibly replace with something else.

Originally Posted by DarkStallion View Post
First off, What are you fixing? Curious.
But yes, for the center pod gauges, you don't want to pry the gauges out. They are screwed into brackets...each gauge has one. They have to be removed and wires disconnected once you have the pod up away from the dash. A little tricky, but yes removing the radio and center bezel makes things easier where you can get a long thin wrench in there. There are 2 to 3 nuts to loosen 2 in the front area and possibly one in the back or maybe there is just a clip for the top (closest to engine area). Ok no prying :)
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