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Originally Posted by DarkStallion View Post
Oh ok...yes to get to the bulb you need to lift pod up as discussed. The best part is if I remember correctly the bulb would be easy to swap you just need to twist and pull out to get access to bulb without un-doing any wiring. I think it's a standard bulb not sure of the size though. You can also swap in some comparable LED's while you are there for a brighter backlight. Keep in mind clean the connection area of the little bulb cap deal as that could be your problem too just not making a good connection. Then before you put everything back and tighten down make sure your lights and gauges power up. Ok let us know how this goes.
Good info, so you're saying there's a replaceable bulb in each gauge? I found these two photos online which clearly shows how the pod is bolted on the dash. Also see there's fuses in each gauge. It's definitely a loose connection because you can lightly bop the top of the pod a few times with your hand and theyll come on.....until you hit some bumps down the road and they flicker off again.
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