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Originally Posted by Greg Wackett View Post
And a GEO Metro during the early 90s
Ahhh, the Geo Metro... the "Gone in Sixty Seconds". Not that one was used in the movie, that's just how long it takes to get one of these Chevrolet Weinerwagons out of the driveway.

A friend of mine took his Chevy Geo Metro to a dealership to trade in for a real car under one of those "Push, pull, or trade" deals. The dealer took a look at the car and said "meh, no thanks." That car would probably get denied for the "Cash For Clunkers" program.

Originally Posted by Greg Wackett View Post
You guys do know Steve went to GM before Ford so there could have been a Saleen Camero back in the 80s not a Saleen Mustang....
He also drove Escorts, didn't he?

Originally Posted by OneQwkStang View Post
Not a fan.
I like it. Then again, I have a soft spot for SSC's, so that is probably why.

Originally Posted by Werecow View Post
I was hoping that they would leave the Mopars and Bowties SMS labeled.
Dave, I guess it is a good thing GM turned Steve
I agree too. I can understand brand recognition, but the Saleen name is most associated with Fords, specifically Mustangs. Sort of like the whole "Shelby Charger". It is clever marketing, and Steve does hold a business degree if I am not mistaken, but for personal reasons I would like to see the six letters grace the back of a Mustang only.
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