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It somewhat depends on what you've got going on under the hood and what surfaces or stickers may be compromised from getting them wet.

A car wash solution and some detail brushing here and there... a diluted all-purpose cleaner if you need something stronger (maybe do a pre-soak before the wash). Rinse and blow dry with a shop vac, air compressor or electric leaf blower.

I like our Mothers Protectant diluted 1:2 or 1:3 with water in a fine misting sprayer... mist it everywhere and the water evaporates from engine heat, leaving a nice "new" luster.

You can also use our Mothers Reflections Tire Care (not diluted), which is what a friend who stopped by today uses on his Jeep TK... I haven't tried it myself, but the results speak for themselves... he likes the Reflections Tire Care because it dries a little less wet and it doesn't attract dust. He did this about 4 weeks ago, after his last serious trail ride... keep in mind this Jeep is a 2006, and is daily-driven and has run Moab, Pikes Peak, John Bull and lots of other trails... there's no shine like Mothers!
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