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Originally Posted by tfalk View Post
If you take a step back for a minute, weren't these cars made by the same people and company that had made his cars up until he and the former company separated approx 2009?
The year 2007 saw the departures of Phil Frank (designer), Steve Saleen (founder), Billy Tally (engineering), John Spruill (engineering). Saleen, Inc merged with ASC during the spring/summer of 2007. Saleen executive positions were filled by ASC personnel with the remainder of Saleen staying course.

Saleen, Inc slowly closed during late 2008 with multiple employee layoffs. When HP sold Saleen assets in February 2009, a percentage personnel that worked for “Saleen, Inc” had moved to positions with Techco while most everyone else began new adventures.

After February 2009, MJA did rehire former Saleen sales, quality control and warranty personnel to fill similar or newly opened positions. The 2010-2012 MJA/Revstone production cars were designed by David Byron, former ASC designer, and were produced by Alternative Automotive. It is unclear whether ASC still exists. They may not have survived the collapse.

Alternative Automotive was founded by executives from Saleen Special Vehicles (SSV).

Revstone went into bankruptcy amongst multiple accusations of fraud. There were lists of unhappiness regarding their “family of companies.”

Trademarks for the “S” logo, “Saleen,” “Speedlab,” fonts etc… returned under the control of Steve Saleen during 2012.
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