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Originally Posted by WickedS281SC View Post
I could not agree more !!! SPV is providing a great product, they have went out of the box and provided new angels on a NEW Saleen (Notice SMS still looks just like a 09 Saleen with diffrent badging, wow thats really innovative, lol).
The SMS car does look like the 05-09 Saleen, as a matter of looks like the 99-04 Saleen, the S7, and the S-331 truck. We love the family resemblance. That is why I can always tell its a Saleen from a mile away.

I understand what you are saying though, it really tough since everyone here is so passionate about cars. We are kids of divorced parents and we are going to take sides. That's just how things ended up. I think the SPV Saleen looks good. To me personally, I will never accept it as a "Saleen" car. I think it will be a touchy subject as long as it is branded that way. It's something that myself and others will have to get over. I have definitely tried to be more reserve with my comments.
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