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Originally Posted by 2007SaleenS331 View Post
I would recommend a Yukon 4.56 ring and pinion set which was $285 my cost and a Yukon bearing/shim kit which was $197 my cost with $28 shipping from our supplier. The bearing kit comes with the good Timken bearings, too. And I would recommend installing Ford axle seals which were $16 and 2 little bottles of friction modifier for the gear lube was $9. I work at a transmission rebuild center and we, also, rebuild differentials and transfer cases.
I'm In the market for gears and was wonderng if you still are able to get these parts at these prices and also if you carry Motive gears or just the Yukon? I've heard positive and negAtive on both. What are your thoughts on them? Tha ks
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