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Originally Posted by Werecow View Post
Makes you wonder what they are selling the other one for?
eBay #: 181306852723

Ended: Jan 28, 2014 09:19:53 PST
Winning bid: US $175,000.00

2004 Saleen S7 in Speed lab yellow. This was the Saleen press car. Extremely fast and extraordinarily rare. Only about 20 race cars were built, 20 twin turbo cars, and less than 40 naturally aspirated cars (of which only two were yellow). After that, none were built. This car was signed by Steve Saleen, his wife and his daughter and his designer Phil Frank at the national Saleen competition in Houston this year. It has only 1600 miles since new. This is NOT the yellow car that fell off the back of roll back truck in Dallas and was for sale in Chicago. (that was a twin turbo car) That was number 61, this is number 37. This car had never had so much as a bolt replaced. However, it did a solo spin out in the California desert last year and had to be resprayed. The rockers and bumpers were scratched and cracked, but were easily repaired with original carbon fiber epoxy resin. Not one single thing needed replacing beyond the headlight covers. Trying to find one of these cars to purchase is essentially impossible as they have all been tucked away by wealthy investors. This is one of the last opportunities to own a true American Super Car! Where else are you going to get one? Turn key, ready to go. No trades, cash, gold coin, or bank wire only.
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