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Originally Posted by Saleen206 View Post
Hello friends! Hope everyone is safe and doing ok in these tough times. I'm looking for info on what aftermarket company has the closest to factory replica front splitter and rear diffuser. I have searched the forums but looking for actual input from anyone with an aftermarket one. Im leaning towards the Sigala Designs front and rear as the best I can tell it looks very close from pictures. I personally don't like the look of the support rods I've seen on some of the other brands available. Something just looks off about it. Any tips/pics/info would be great! Also curious about mounting hardware as I don't think they come with any.. Thank you all and I appreciate this great forum!
I bought both from Sigala, carbon fibre splitter and rear diffuser, both OEM quality parts, for a fraction of the cost. I highly recommend from them.
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