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My next comparo as promised is a 3-way between Poorboy's Natty Blue, AutoGlym HD Wax, and Mother Pure Carnauba paste wax...

Now pricing varies heavily in this comparison. The Mothers is the most reasonably priced depending on your vendor of choice. It can also be found in many auto parts stores. The Natty's is a close second and averages around $20. Usually only found online. The AutoGlym is the most expensive at around $50, but can be found for $40 or $30 if you shop around. It can even be found at Walmart's and PepBoy's if you're lucky.

All three waxes are "pure" waxes and have no cleaners as far as i know. They all layer over other waxes, sealants, and glazes just fine.

- All 3 products require you to pre-dampen the applicator pad before application
- The AutoGlym HD Wax came with 2 applicator pads sealed in a ziplock bag that were already moistened
- All 3 waxes went on smooth and the damp applicators made laying a thin layer very easy

- All 3 products worked best if removed after a few minutes of drying to a haze
- Doing the entire car before removal is not advised
- the Mothers and Natty's, if allowed to dry too long, were very difficult to remove
- The AutoGlym dusted heavily during removal and required more clean towels
- all 3 worked best doing one panel at a time. Apply to the whole panel, wait a little to haze, then buff off

- Mothers:

- The Mothers Pure Carnauba had crystal clear reflections. It really let the metal flake shine out on metallic paint. It brought out the crispness of any color it was applied over and gave it a high gloss shine. It did not darken the colors.

- Natty's:

- The Natty's Paste Wax Blue had great gloss and depth of colors. The paint appeared wet and the color was darkened slightly. It did help hide minor imperfections. The reflections were good.

- Sadly I didn't get any pictures of anything while coated with the AutoGlym HD wax
- The AutoGlym had decent gloss, reflections, and color depth and clarity.

- The Mothers Pure Carnauba Paste Wax by far had the crispest brightest colors and reflections, and was the only one that didn't mute the sparkle of metal flake.
- The Poorboy's Natty Paste Wax Blue had the greatest depth and "wet" look, but darkened colors slightly. For $20 a tub though, it's worth it if boutique waxes are your thing
- The AutoGlym HD Wax fit right in the middle of both. It had decent gloss, color clarity, reflections, and depth
- For the price, I'd go with the Mothers if you like the real look of your paint to shine through. Especially metallic paint.
- The Natty's looks great and that "wet" shine gets attention.
- The AutoGlym is overpriced and lacking in every department. It did everything GOOD but nothing GREAT.
- All 3 don't have the best longevity. But that's expected with carnauba wax.
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