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Originally Posted by SaleenStang View Post
Wow! Car looks awesome davisj! Thanks for the info. I ordered a Griot's Random Orbital polisher with Lake Country pads. I hope I don't regret going with the cheaper Griots 6 inch vs Flex XC 3401. Wish me luck!!
Go to YouTube and start taking mental notes. It's really not hard as long as you are willing to take the time to do it. Some of the advice some provide will get you going in the right direction. Some tips of my own would be to always keep the buffer moving and do a little of the car at a time. Keeping the buffer moving will stop the build up of heat on the paint. When you focus on one section (such as a fender, bumper, half your hood, etc.) at one time it helps getting the paint correct in that particular spot. Also, don't let your compounds/polishes sit, always remove right after you are done.

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