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More photos and text.

2005 Saleen S7 Twin Turbo in Lamborghini Yellow Pearl For Sale $599,000

It is number four of twenty in the world. (20 race cars, 20 turbo cars, 37 naturally aspirated cars) 248 miles per hour and 0-60 in 2.8 seconds. (Please be advised this 2 .8 second rating is not obtainable by the common untrained peasant. This car can break loose at any 1000'th of a second, so care must be taken to feather the power during the first second) This car was delivered with 750 horsepower by Lamborghini Dallas in 2007. This is the only yellow twin turbo car built, or in existence. It was featured in USA today, and if you see any yellow twin turbo photos, it is this car. (but of course, every one made is featured somewhere) Car is in perfect condition having never been flooded, burned, wrecked or stolen. It did suffer in transit cosmetic damage requiring resin and paint repair by professional shop. (No parts or straightening) Car does NOT have a salvage title as listed in ebay boilerplate language, but there is no field in the ebay form for RCN marked titles. Louisiana title is in our name, in hand, and we can have it put in your name in five minutes with your simple signature, no hoops. It is noted as the 3rd fastest car in the world, behind the Bugatti Veyron at 1.6 Million dollars, and some other unknown, unavailable car. Having driven and raced hundreds of Lamborghini's and just about every other car in the world, this is hands down the fastest car I have ever been in. Words cannot explain. Obviously, you know this or you would not be bidding. They are not building anymore S7's, so this is it. There are no other turbos for sale, that I know of. The only similar twin turbo (burnt orange color) was at Barrett Jackson Auction 2009 for $412,000.00, used. The MSRP on this Yellow car was $576,056.00, but the most I have seen one sell for is $850,000.00 at the 2005 Italliano Concourso, using partial trade as a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder prototype to Japan (I was not a party to that transaction). I also saw a Maroon S7 at the Mecum auction in Monterey in 2009, but it was not a twin turbo, so I did not watch the sale. Good luck bidding. We welcome pre bid inspections. The original picture of this exact car after construction with Steve Saleen can be seen if you google "Usa Today Saleen S7" . A previous owner of this car has kindly mentioned several of the options on this car which included polished aluminum wheels (which are still perfect), and a GPS. The radio has a 20 grand upgrade with a new dash panel in Yellow after original purchase. Further you affiant sayeth naught. I guess your decision boils down to whether you would prefer a stack of cash in your safe, or the baddest car in the world. .... Steve Saleen is pictured in front of this car on the opening photo in this ebay advertisement. Please note, we are million dollar Titanium Power Sellers for almost a decade with 100% positive feedback on every sale. Never a negative, Never a neutral. So bid with complete confidence.
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