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Thank you for the info. I will read up on it more, but after reading the threads from S281 Motorsports I'm freaking out that mine might be low. Seeing those pictures of the gears all chewed up makes me want to cry. Is there any indication that this is about to happen, any warnings, etc? Have you changed yours and if so how many miles did you have? Being I'm not the first owner I have no history of it being changed or checked with 12,200 miles. I was not worried until reading those threads, but it could be an eye opener before something major happened.

So let's say it's low and not leaking, can you fill it up a little with the oil you mentioned or does it have to be sucked out and refilled with new oil? I normally don't like to mix different fluids and for the time it takes to change it I would probably be best to do that.
Last thing, I read was the blue sealant used that seemed to be an issue. Is there any indication that this is the true cause and if so was it limited to certain years?

Thanks again.
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