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The Cleaning Process
The car was washed using the 2 bucket method with Chemical Guys Citrus Wash and Clear. After that it was decon'd with Iron X, after being thoroughly rinsed it was then followed up with another wash using a Nanoskin wash mit.

Sonax FE doing its thing

cleaning the exhaust with APC and wheel whoolies

CarPro IX working on removing surface contamination

another shot of IX doing it thing

area around the trunk opening before cleaning

picture of the rear bumper after being washed and decon'd for compounding to start

freshly washed and decon'd car ready to start the real work

The real condition of the paint

condition of the passenger front fender under the LED lights

passenger door before picture. lots of swirls just like the rest of the car

another angle of the same area only below the door handle

scuff marks on the passneger side of the front bumper cover

before picture of the rear bumper cover. the finish really lacks gloss due to the condition of the paint

paint defect on the passenger front fender

before pic of the passenger rear quarter
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