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Cool Hello Tony !

Hello Tony from your Swedish PJ brother !
Thank you for the very kind message my friend. Yes I agree with you, our PJ's are meant to be driven...not only stored away as investments. It is soo nice to have a true Saleen/Parnelli Jones friend and enthusiast in Australia ! I am really impressed over what you and your family have in your garage. They are all Really wonderful cars ! I have only my PJ as my enthusiast car. This is my second Saleen. Some years ago i bought a brand new Vista Blue 2006 S281S/C from Mr Frank Morales at Villa Ford in Orange County, Los Angeles, CA. I have always loved Mustang's and Ford's, so my first enthusiast car was my dreamcar from when i was a child...a Ivy Green 1966 Mustang Fastback, a car that both my kids and myself just loved and had a lot of fun with. Then i imported a Dark Highland Green"Bullitt-clone" 1968 Mustang Fastback from Hollywood, CA. I have also owned another 1968 GT Fastback, also in Dark Highland Green, that was in a wonderful condition, restored by a friend of mine to a better than new condition. I sold this car to a museum here in Sweden back in 2012, and then i bought and imported my 2007Saleen, Parnelli Jones from Mr John Coates of the Golden Empire Mustangs in Bakersfield , CA. I think this is my absolute favourite of the Mustangs i have owned. It has it all...the look, the handling, the power...yes that is really a very, very nice car, made by the best manufacturer there is....Saleen.
Take care now my Australian brother, talk with you soon again,
All the best from Sweden, and a true and big Saleen and Parnelli Jones and Ford Mustang enthusiast,

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