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Originally Posted by ExtrmStang#67 View Post
Dad and I currently have JDM Tunes in our E-Cars. The tune is a result of lots of R&D. Thats for sure and each tuner will have different characteristics because of the copious amount of data points to change. We have also had a chance to get to know the D'Amore Father and Son and they are passionate about their work. Conversations about details and slight changes always seem fruitful.

In concept, posting here is a great idea so people can talk about priorities. HP and reliability results are one thing and troubleshooting/customer service is another. Location is important as well. If they have to troubleshoot over the phone through someone else, the results might not be optimized. If they are close, then you could drop in with your latest modification and they could retune the car for you.

I strongly encourage everyone to find a local dyno shop if at all possible. While many have had varying results from good to bad with mail-order tunes, it is IMO that nothing beats having the car calibrated on a dyno which takes into consideration your car, the actual condition its in, the climate you live in, the fuel that you use and the list goes on. I understand that in rural areas finding a good tuner can be a challenge making mail-order tunes absolutely a necessity. We had a customer in this week with an E car and his tune was from a tuner back East and logistically making changes has proven to be time consuming and problematic.

My .02 said, find a reliable dyno tuner local to you and stick with them – on the average it will make things easier and certainly better fine tuned.
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