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guys you cab buy a wide open throttle n2o switch from any nitrious company and set it up like saleen did with 3000 to 5,800 rpm,range. When I bought my car it had the saleen harness with it, but it had still never been hooked up. A local shop installed it for me (you will also need a 75 hp jet as the one saleen put in it is solid with no opening for the n2o to flow. You also need the fuel rail adapter to run the extra fuel line into. Finally, you need some dyno time to check the air fuel ratio. The first pull my car made nearly 230 to the wheels, but was wayyyyy too lean. We also had to change the fuel jet because it wasn't delivering enough fuel. Ended up making 202 hp to the wheels. Made 124 to the wheels off the juice.
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