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Just got a call from Steve Saleen of SMS Supercars, and just last night they
shipped the first of his latest of his signature American muscle car designs: the SMS 620
Camaro. *

SMS 620 Camaro serial number 001 will be auctioned for charity on Thursday
evening in conjunction with old racing pal Bob Bondurant and the Bondurant
School of High Performance Driving.

The auction is sure to jump extra high thanks to the inclusion of a Mothers
Detail Bag supplied with California Gold product and sitting in the back seat of
the Camaro! :)

Steve Saleenıs signature performance vehicles are also available on Dodge
and Ford platforms: the SMS 570 and 570X Challenger and the SMS 302 Mustang.

The Mothers wheel cleaner commercial featuring HRE Wheels, SMS Supercars and
Pirelli Tire will be airing during the SPEED Channel broadcast of the

Both the Bondurant School of High Performance Driving and SMS Supercars are
marketing partners of Mothers.
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