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I was beat -- again! Thanks for posting guys!

Mothers is running this on national broadcast, and some of you may have even seen it during Formula 1 the other day. You may also have seen it on ESPN2 and SPEED, or will soon.

Check it out when you can, and be sure to watch it in FULL High-Definition on YouTube by changing the quality to "1080p" in the lower right hand corner of the video. It looks fantastic, and we hope you think so as well.

We'd also like to thank everyone involved in creating this remarkable TV spot.

Steve Saleen, Molly, Sean, Vivian and everyone else at SMS were fabulous during the almost 15 hours of shooting at their facility when they were also producing cars (or trying to -- when we weren't interrupting). It was a fun day and I was lucky to play a part as a member of the Mothers team.

We converted the SMS Board Room and upstairs foyer into Pirelli headquarters, and transformed part of the manufacturing facility into HRE headquarters (actual wheel manufacturing shots were done at HRE the day before).

We also have a new Back-to-Black commercial that is fun...

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