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By the way guys, my name is Jorge and I used to be the Saleen Techline guy, but I got laid off with the companies' cut back and move to Troy, Mi. I was contacted by Jim Dvorak about some issues regarding the body kits.
First of all I'd like to thank Jim for the invite to this site.
About the body kits. Saleen no longer works with the original vendor that made the original body kitsor they no longer have the original molds. We did take a customers body kit and had new molds made. Steve Snider in the warranty was one of the leads handling this but was also laid off. I would contact Jared Chavez in the Speedlab Dept. at Saleen.(Irvine) Either Jared or Carlos Duran will have the info of what company has the molds and is making the replacement parts. I will try to contact someone on Monday and getmore info for you guys. I don't personally think it's fair that Focus owners are left in the dark cause it's not a Mustang. I'll do what I can and help you guys out.
If you do call Saleen and speak to Jared or Carlos, just make sure you say that I reccomended you call, you'll get better service.
Good Luck guys.
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