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Originally Posted by gliioct14 View Post
I strongly disagree that this has nothing to do with this forum - I own a 2011 Saleen I want a Letter of Authenticity I don't care who currently owns the company, all I know is that Michigan based Saleen takes my calls handles my request fulfills my orders and is generally more knowledgeable of the products. There is a systemic problem with California Saleen that I find extremely frustrating as a consumer I know you strongly defend them as I do the same with Michigan based Saleen. When they take your call I am sure it is vastly different then when I call.

If you own a 2011 "Saleen Mustang," you own what might be called an orphaned car.

Saleen in California knows nothing about your car; they did not build it and they have no records on it. They also have pretty much no parts for it.

And since you want a letter of authenticity, they can't help you, no matter how much you complain.

Unfortunately you bought a car built by a company that did not have a legal right to use the Saleen brand.

Michigan is probably able to return your calls since they have parts for your orphaned car; California does not.

If you need something from Saleen in California that you think they have, send me an email with what you need and I'll find out why they're not getting back to you.
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