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Originally Posted by TTSaleen View Post
May 2015 UPDATE!

Well after almost 2 years, the car MIGHT be coming back home to me.

I talked to the guy that owns it (he also purchased my black TTSaleen last year) and he is considering selling it.

I told him that I might be interested and plan to go look at the car this weekend.

I hope after 2 years it still is in the same shape (or close) as when I sold it.


Well it wasn't meant to be.
The car needs work (Turbo seals shot and turbos smoking, paint was quickly fixed with subpar body/paint work and looks horrible).
Also the owner was about $3K higher for the car than I wanted to invest.

I explained to him the work needed to make the car perfect and that my initial investment would not allow me to spend anymore than my initial offer.
His wife made the decision for him..... LOL....but in the end he kept it and I bought something else (G8 GT).

So I guess this project won't come back to me..... too bad. I had BIG plans for it!


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