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Originally Posted by OxfordS281 View Post
Currently for sale on Facebook marketplace

Haha. $22k is ridiculous.
So after about 5 owners it now resides in SC. I had heard it went from New Bern, NC back thru Raleigh, then Asheville, then Tennessee, before being in SC.
Along those many owners, no one ever fixed any of the engine issues I told them about. Basically the engine has over 50k miles on it and needs new rings. I'd do a complete rebuild with rings, bearings, and valve springs/seals minimum. I'd also have the turbos inspected and new seals installed.
That car has been driven HARD and shows it. Sadly that cowl hood takes away from the overall look of the car. I believe the guy I sold the car to still has it, but I haven't spoken to him in years.
I am actually in contact with the current owner (thru instagram) just last week regarding some questions on the car.

Honestly, I would be interested in still owning the car again, but no where near that price. I would need to spend about $15k on it to make it perfect between the paint, hood, and engine.


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