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I've had them set up quite a few ways with spacers and tires.
Right now i have no spacers.
A 275 35 18 drag radial in the back (which are very wide, surely wider than a regular 275)
And a 225 40 18 up front, which are too narrow.

No rubbing anywhere currently. Fenders rolled out back and i put on a panhard bar because under a hard corner the rear tires would rub lightly on the inner fender tub. Just remember the rear of a fox can move like 2 inches in either direction under load.

If that's something that worries you, i wouldn't exceed a 265 with a regular street tire.

Fronts i'm going to switch (very soon) to a 255 35 18.
That's the same height as i have now, but notably wider. I'm not doing it because i want really wide tires up front, i'm doing it because it's really what they should be on an 8.5 rim with a 275 35 out back.
I have maximum motorsports front control arms so it shouldn't hit on the inside, but on the fender? I guess we are going to find out...

For suspension i have almost the entire maximum motorsports Road and Track kit plus i have a torque arm ready to go on.
Also a k member and coil overs up front.

I've fine tuned the wheel tire setup over the years, been a while since i messed with the recipe, i just don't like how the front wheels stretch the 225 tires.
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