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The 2008 Saleen Sleeper GT. Information starts with the quote below...

Originally Posted by pacettr View Post
FWIW Saleen dealers were offered the White and Blue "pool" cars at invoice + freight and Saleen would include a Series VI 475 kit at no charge. I ordered 6 or 7 IIRC and sold them mostly to members of a local Mustang club/forum.
...from this thread -->

The dealer "pacettr" works for took delivery of seven 2008 Mustang GT coupes from Saleen Inc in Troy MI. Four were Performance White and Three were Vista Blue.

These vehicles would like like the following -->

It appears the 2008 Sleeper GT production run "could" realize a few dozen cars in both White and Blue... if concrete information can be located.


Sleeper GT = 7*

Coupe = 7

Convertible = 0

5-speed = 7

Automatic = 0

Performance White = 4

Vista Blue = 3

[*Content subject to change.]
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