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There really is no place to get an accurate estimate other than the actual market.
I still watch most of them (looking for the right 08 at the right price).
The same ones that were over priced before are still for sale. Some of those guys have probably cost themselves thousands by holding on for too much money.

It would appear what many guys do is ask a few bucks too high on ebay and negotiate a lower number privately.

If your mileage is 50k or below you are probably looking at low 20's. If it's around 100k or more mid high teens.

The only thing the NADA is good for is helping someone get a loan to buy one, because if they aren't paying cash they will need to prove it's worth more than a standard 2wd f150 which is probably worth 10 grand or less now.
When I bought my xp8 is was valued in the NADA at like 38,000 and I assure you I payed nothing near that.
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