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Old 10-19-2016
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I believe that dealers and a handful of desperate sellers have given these trucks a 'false' valuation. Sure, there are deals out there, to be had, but the better examples still command more. If you are a more typical S331 owner, your truck is always garaged, rarely driven, lovingly cared for example. Throw in the desired options, like you said, SC and big brakes, and low mileage, and that is a $25-$30K truck.
As an owner of one of these trucks, I hope that they are at the low point, value-wise, right now. Meaning that the values will level off, and eventually go up, slightly. if the S331 trends like other low production Saleens, that will be the case. Unfortunately, I don't foresee our great trucks ever being worth much more than $30K. I hope most owners are like me, in that I will keep my truck, rather than 'give it away' for $21K +/-.
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