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Originally Posted by Dave Rivard View Post

I cal all the clusters here at Saleen and it is very typical to vary 2-3 MPH slow or fast , but the PJ had speedos that were anywhere from 5-10 MPH slow in which the owners were receiving speeding tickets . It may not be the cluster that is off, it also could be the number of revs per mile programmed in the VID block of the PCM.
Thanks Dave;

Thanks for the response... Mine is running a little more than 3, I've had three different GPS units in the car and they all read close to the same. The speedometer is reading high, so I'm adding miles (if the odometer is connected to the speedometer) at the rate of 4 to 5 extra miles each hour. Plus, I seem to have everyone in California passing me on the freeway. Okay, bad point - it is California!

Thanks again. Looks like I'll have to live with it.

2009 Racecraft Mustang
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