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Originally Posted by SN95GTA View Post
I ran across this thread while Googling Bruce Weiss about the Bob Glidden Pinto he owned for a while. Someone attributed 90-010 to Bruce on the forum. That is not the number of the 7up Saleen he took delivery of at Bleakly Ford in Atlanta GA during an MCA show. Unless my memory is failing me Bruce received 90-090. He requested 90 from Steve when he called to special order the build. The Paxton was installed at Saleen and I believe other engine modifications. The transmission was worked at Art Carr while being worked on at Saleen. It was delivered to Bleakly for him to pickup while at the show. I helped him (Bruce) wash the car and clean for the show that Saturday morning. The car was to be a daily driver with a special ZR1 purpose. The following spring at Pensacola MCA show I had the pleasure of an outing in the car with Bruce. Nothing short of a ZR1 killer. I don't have any idea where 90-090 is now or if Bruce had more than one but it has always been one of my fondest Mustang encounters. I hope this might answer some questions for the members here on the thread. If any of you find 90-090 for sale buy it!

Hi. Welcome to the forums! Yes, as you know you are correct. Mr. Weiss had 90-0090. This vehicle had many engine upgrades and differing equipment.

90-0010 was purchased by Ken Schmidt and also featured the Paxton supercharger, automatic transmission and 2-point roll bar like the Weiss car, but did not have all the "other" extra equipment like 90-0090.

Correct, the Weiss car (90-0090) was driven while the Schmidt car (90-0010) was never driven.

90-0090 resides in a private collection.
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