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Talking Video: TTSaleen runs 9's at Dragging Rights 2014!!

Congrats to Brad the new owner of my former TTSaleen project!
Brad made it to Dragging Rights today and made his first ever dragstrip pass in the car.

1st pass - Left easy, lifted before 1,000 feet.
On the brakes ran a 10.70 @ 107.

2nd pass - Left easy, tires started hazing top of 2nd and 3rd gears.
Banged out a 9.93 @ 148 mph on the exact same tuneup I ran at Darlington, SC 2 years ago! Pump gas only (93 octane) and 17 pounds max boost.

Big SHOUT-OUT to Fastlane Motorsports for building such a bad *** combination that literally ANYONE can hop in and drive but still have the power to run like this one does!

Awesome job guys!



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