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Default Front Fascia for 2004 N2O

I am in need of a front fascia for a 2004 Saleen Focus N2O. A block of ice fell of the back of a truck last winter and took out part of my front fascia. Ordered replacement from Saleen. After several months of waiting for parts, called Saleen. I was notified they could not get parts for my car and cancelled my order. They were "supposed" to call me. Now I have a 3 year old car that I can not get fixed. How can this happen? You would think they would support a 3 year old vehicle. Now I have to find a body kit that will blend with the Saleen kit, so I am not driving around with a car with a damaged front end. I am glad I didn't buy a Mustang if this is how they treat their customers...... All I can do is tell everyone I know about Saleen's business practices.
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