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Originally Posted by geostang View Post
ok i have been looking at the ford parts manual, it appears that the front brake rotor and hub is all one assembly and that the wheel bearing I am speaking of is in this disc/hub assembly and not service separately.

Meaning the disc/hub unit is to be replaced in order to service the bearing (which comes already in the disc/hub)

So my question becomes, in order to fix this bearing, it appears I have to replace the brake rotor disc hub assembly, all one unit as part numbers go, bearing already installed.

Is this going to be a Ford part since it is also the brake rotor disc ?
Depends on what brakes are on the truck. Stock? Or 15 inch upgrade. Stock front hubs are available at checker,auto zone,Napa, etc... The two piece 15 inch hub and rotors are available at Brake warehouse.
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