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Originally Posted by Dave View Post
He may have sold you an original emblem, but you can see there is serious age/quality problem with what he mailed and should have known better than to sell an emblem that is flaking apart.
I doubt it. I worked in a vinyl shop for a number of years. This is a piece of vinyl with crappy screen print that didn't even lay white first to back the red to make it bright. It's hand trimmed with an exacto and you can see the marks. All the Saleen badges I've seen in person are like a clear bubble plastic over a backing. Not a cheap vinyl hand wrapped. It's not even the high performance 3M vinyl. You can see on the crappy photo he used that the the badge should have a finished edge, not a wrap around black vinyl. I'm really close to keeping it and driving to Saleen.

Anyone with a 331 want to post some closeups for comparison?
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