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Default couple questions

My apologies if any of these questions are dumb. But remember I've never been much of a car guy. Machinist by trade, give me a chunk of metal and I can make the part. But always been afraid to dive into a car project and start taking things apart, and get in over my head.

So heres a couple questions maybe you guys can help me with.

1) The fans on the intercooler turn on automatically after about 15 seconds. Even if its cold. Is this normal? Or did a previous owner wire it up that way?

2) Theres an anti-theft button I have to press before I can start the car. Its pretty annoying. Would like to remove it. How involved do you think it would be to remove it? I can take a pic of it to show you guys if necessary. Its located behind the hood release button.

3) The car sits pretty low. I think I measured just under 26" from ground to top of front wheel well. And a little over 5-1/2" to front fascia. Just wondering if this is normal height for Saleen suspension. I think some guys lower them.

Thanks for any help!
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