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Well spring is just about here, so its almost time to pull the Saleen out of storage. Didnt really do much for maintenance last yr. Suspension was a bit creaky, so I'm most likely going to get new struts/shocks, bushings, from MM.

Couple of questions...

Was thinking of doing the Mosaleen pulley system, or smaller pulley. Just looking to get a little more boost. I only see 4 lbs or so of boost in 3rd or 4th and have to floor it to see it. I believe I read this is about all you will get. This sound about right? What do you guys recommend to get her a little more boost?

Whats the oil change interval for the supercharger? I thought I read its like 40,000 miles. My car only has 19,000 on it.

Would eventually like just a little more rumble to her. Any recommendations on exhaust? Just want it a bit louder, but has to be a deep tone, not raspy.
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