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Thanks for the input Dave. Yeah, I realize its probably best re-sale wise to keep it stock. Now I'm curious if I have the Borla or Magnaflow. Is there any markings on there to see which I have?

If I did do anything with exhaust, I would just remove the stock ones whole and keep them. But I'm guessing since the length is longer, if I got something different it would need to be modified to compensate for the extra length? Or if I just did the H pipe like you said, could that just be put in place of the X pipe, keeping everything else the same?

Originally Posted by Dave View Post
2002 was a transition year for the cat-back Saleen exhaust system. Early cars used a system from Borla, mid-to-late cars used a system from MagnaFlow.

Regardless of which system, the entire tailpipe length was unique to Saleen applications. The pipes were longer to compensate for the extended distance rear bumper cover.

If you're just looking for sound, you can try an H-pipe swap with less converters.

If you end up cutting the OE mufflers/system apart... just keep in mind it was Saleen specific deal... and someday it might be looked upon as a bad idea.
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