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Default rear brakes and susp equip

A good source of parts that are budget friendly would be ebay or summit. If I were going to get new or refurb stuff for a good driver, I would get refreshed GT brakes front and back or get cobra front brakes and keep the rear as GT. If you go cobra in the rear you have to change the mounting plates and anti-moan brace which not really worth it unless you have a nice budget. With Cobra front brakes it is direct bolt on you just need to get the fine thread banjo bolts for your lines and calipers and 13 inch rotors. You can get some used OEM lines for pretty cheap. Saw a set on ebay from a low mile GT for about 30 bucks front and rear. Or you can get some goodridge lines those are pretty good but I believe you can only get front...not rear. The ss lines that are sold on the mustang aftermarket sites are all good options. Most aftermarket shocks and struts will work. I would try and get a set of bilsteins all the way around for gt fitment and I think eibach even has some as well.

Also, was the 1500 for everything out the door installed? May not be such a terrible price in that it is a pain to get the car up, old stuff taken out, clean up areas, install new stuff and bleed the system. I'd probably pay that. On my recent brake project, I was able to do it myself over the course of a few Saturdays, but kind of a pain.

Let us know what you do I am curious.
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