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Default Intake "stuff" - any interest?

I got some Carbon Fiber today. I am going to play with it and see what I can do to dress up the troyer kit a bit.

I am speaking to a fabricator about the Saleen series VI super charger on our trucks. As you know the air inlet on the back of the top plate of these SCs are kind of crunched down. When air comes in through the TB, it needs to make two 90 degree turns, and then another 90 degree turn to get into the SC. Not very efficient, but it "works." The fabricator was excited when we discussed ideas.

This is what we are thinking...replacing the to plate of the Saleen Series VI supercharger (just a few bolts and a few plugs, one sensor) with a completely fabricated top plate that completely rotates the TB toward the front of the truck. I believe JDM had a piece that sat on top of the exisiting "plenum" that did this. However, the piece that I am referencing, would actually replace the entire top of our SC. I could also have the TB inlet opened up to 80mm, incase anyone wanted to run a bigger TB.

I am sure there is some power to be gained here. It might be minimal though. The looks would be second to NONE. You would be able to run the troyer kit or nearly any f150 3.5" CAI kit (with a tune) with very minor modifications.

I know price is a concern. I am sure this will be EXPENSIVE. ....think...over $1000. Would anyone else be interested? IM just throwing this out probably going to have this done regardless.
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