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Thank you for the response DarkStallion. Have a great holiday weekend everyone!

Originally Posted by DarkStallion View Post
For your questions:

1. Yes, this is normal. My pump and fans turn on after 20 seconds of turning my key (accessories). It's a relay and so that it does not interfere with the ecu at start up...or something of the sort. Read it somewhere.

2. Not sure. It is some sort of relay. I would take the car to a car alarm/radio shop and they can pull it. There might be a good electrician in house.
3. Suspension parts usually settle especially with good age. I recently redid my whole suspension with OE Saleen equipment and found it made my car sit about 3/4 inches higher than with the old stuff. Maximum Motorsports/Eibach/Bilstein have good replacement parts for suspension when the time comes.

Hope this helps.
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