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Default Exhaust

Yes, I believe the magnaflow's have more of a rectangular shape while the borla's have a more cylinder shape. Magnaflows are slightly bigger I believe. As far as the mid-pipe, I took out the stock 4 cat x-pipe (basically stock 4 cats with the magnaflow x-section welded in part#15447), that is what saleen did to keep the cars smog legal in CA (not to move cat location). I replaced it with the magnflow cat-pipe with 2 high-flow cats (no check-engine light at all). I believe it is part#93335. I also had some ford racing shorties put in, to which I felt a gain. Not sure why people don't do shorties. Probably because they are a lot of trouble to put in and and at times lead to exhaust leaks. But I have a built motor/2.3 blower, so I suppose I had more to gain from it and it worked out fine. But do the x-pipe you will like the new sound without getting annoyed over time with it being too loud and it is completely bolt-on.

Boost is right about 5lbs that is what I have. Saleen tuned the cars very conservatively so to not have new owners blowing up their cars. That was true for both the stock bottom end and even the built engines. I would leave the pulley alone until a re-tune if that is the case.
I too have the mosaleen pulley which I think is good to have anyway to avoid belt slippage (tune is usually optional depending on a/f levels). My car was fine without a tune. Good Luck let us know what you do.
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