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I finally had a chance to use the Mothers Professional Paint Restoration System. I got to restore a Honda CBR-600RR Sport bike, that a friend of mine recently had returned to her as a theft recovery. The thieves used the bike to practice "stunting" and as a result, the bike was dropped on the pavement a few times. The bike is black. We all know how fun black paint is to work with. Lol

Anyway, the bike was washed and clayed with Dawn dish soap (to degrease and strip any residue) and Mothers California Gold Clay Bar system. Then I used the Mothers PPRS Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish. Both were applied with a Porter Cable Orbital, using Classic Motoring Accessories 5.5" pads on a 5" back plate. This was not ideal on a bike. A 3" pad would have been much better for the variety of small surfaces on a motorcycle. But the larger pad got the job done.

The experience with the Paint Restoration System was great. The Rubbing Compound is very easy to work with, though the residue removal was a little harder than the Finishing Polish. The defect removal was pretty decent, considering I was using a relatively soft pad, not a cutting pad. The Finishing Polish really jeweled the paint and brought out a great deep shine. Removal of the residue was very easy.

I followed the correction steps with a coat of FX SynWax... Which was allowed to cure overnight. Then two coats of California Gold Pure Carnauba this morning. The flat black plastics of the mirrors, air intakes, and various pieces were treated with Back-to-Black.

The end results were beyond expectation. While the deep scuffs and scratches from the bike's encounter with asphalt remained, the swirls and light scratches were reduced dramatically. With a proper cutting pad on the buffer, leveling the paint to perfection would be a breeze. With the soft pad I had to use, the Professional Rubbing Compound and Finishing Polish were able to bring a luster back to the paint that the owner said exceeds its appearance when the bike was originally purchased. You would never look at this bike now, and think it was obviously an abused theft recovery.

*Pictures are from 8/22/14... About 4 days after completion of initial detail. Corrective steps and sealant on 8/17/14. Final top coat of wax on 8/18/14. I forgot to take pictures the day of.

The Mother Professional Paint Restoration System is definitely an extremely user friendly and capable combo... With the right pads I have no doubts it could remove the ugliest paint imperfections with little issue... and for paint that still shows defects after something like the 3-step Mother California Gold Ultimate Wax System, this combo is perfect.

I will be putting this combo up against the Meguiars Ultimate Compound and Ultimate Polish on my roommates Scion before the end of the summer. Which will come out on top? We'll see!
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