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Angry Q: Suspension Upgrades? - 2015 302 Yellow Label

Ok, the power, love the looks...but the handling is bloody awful...

Power (even in moderation) is lost everywhere, it spends 1/2 the time bouncing up and down on the road and I swear 300 of the HP wander off looking for a coffee shop whenever it goes round the bends....

And YES I drive the damm thing...sliding out in 1,2 and sometimes 3rd IS fun, and yes I enjoy it....but bloody hell it would be good if it was tied down and didn't make my passengers feel sea-sick.

So, What options are open to do SOMETHING to the suspension?
Black label gets S4 coilovers, can I get them for the Yellow?
KW does a kit for V3, springs/coilover options
Rousch does a kit too (is that sacrilegious putting Rousch on Saleen?

Any other options?

And before any says "slow down, moderate power or "it's American" I'm not asking for that opinion....just one on actually HOW to harness all 715hp and do something useful with it and NOT get eaten by a bloody Golf GTi in the bends

Thanks for listening

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