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Originally Posted by gbrittenum View Post
I just spend the day with Kris and Russell, these guys are the Gods of Explorer. Their knowledge of Explorers is mind boggling. What they have done with all the Explorers they have is amazing and trust me they have lots of Explorers. I was able to ride around in their Saleen Explorer #99-23. The Limited conversion they did is very cool, you get the message center, climate control AC, memory and heated seats. They also converted it from 2wd to awd. The lights insider the Explorer had been converted to LEDs and the look was incredible, it changed the instrument cluster from just illuminated to bright, crisp, and modern looking. They plan to upgrade the brakes with a trick they know from their vast Explorer knowledge, but I will let them tell you about it, Saleen Explorer #99-23 is almost ready for the show circuit, They just have to finish the bumper covers, refinish the carbon fiber mirror covers, and reproduce the elusive rear bumper cover.

I plan to get a list together and head back up to Bandit Customs in the near future with my Saleen Explorer. If you need work on your Saleen Explorer, I would highly recommend Kris and Russell, they are friendly and personable guys. Actually, if you need any work done on any Explorer, I would drive to Austin, Texas for them to do the work.

Thank you so much for the kind words! we really enjoyed having you here with us for the day and appreciated the chance to fix a couple of things on your truck as well!

I am sorry I haven't posted much here lately, I suffered a head injury at work so I have been on leave until I feel I can go back, which also means I haven't been on computers or working on the trucks as much. Good news though 99-0023 has about 800 miles on it since we started driving it and it is running perfectly and feels great to drive as well! Greenlee is right, we got just a few items left to work on and it's completely done!
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