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Question New Member Intro: Current Value of PJ Mustang?

Hello Group,

I've been a Ford and Mustang fan for many years and owned a 1986 coupe some years ago. Currently, I have a '95 GT, 5-spd convertible, a very nice, 75K miles car.

I have recently developed an interest in the '07 PJ Mustang, having seen and driven one at my local Ford dealer in Troy, OH. I likely would have bought it had if was lower mileage (36K), completely stock and no cosmetic issues. I decided to sit back, try to learn more about these cars and bide my time waiting for a pristine, low mileage original to come on the market a reasonable driving distance from Ohio. That's my interest in joining this forum. Thanks for having me.

Two questions come to mind at this time: What would the estimated value of one of these be in the Midwest (around 5K miles, unmolested, stock condition, basically like new condition and, hopefully, purchased from the original owner)?

Also, as I continue my search for one of these, is there anything that I should be aware of such as any weaknesses either mechanically or cosmetically? For instance, I noticed that the one that I've seen and driven, even though it appeared to have been well cared for, had discoloration and small cracks in the wheel center caps.

Thanks for any and all information you can offer.

R. Pittenger
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